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Smart Systems are Anything but Ordinary

Why have an ordinary building when you can have a smart building? Smart buildings not only provide shelter, they encourage productivity, embody our culture, and play an important part in life on the planet. Buildings today are life support systems for medical care, education, information, and so much more. They are connected and respond to the building operators and occupants using smart systems to continually adjust and maintain their function effectively over the life of the building.

From start to finish, Paragon Controls works with owners, contractors, commissioning agents, and facility managers to integrate, optimize, and maintain smart systems to enhance indoor environmental quality, increase productivity, and conserve energy to meet the demands of today’s high-performance buildings.

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Assess system needs.

Engage end-users early on and throughout design process to determine needs

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Select building systems components.

Collaborate in the design of “smart” building infrastructure and the integration of smart devices.

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Provide a product tailored to the commissioning process.

Using engineered solutions with intuitive menus that allow for field adjustments while alleviating the need for field calibration.

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Endorse third party testing for accuracy assurance and American made components for long term reliability.

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