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PE-5000 Overview

Model PE-5000 units are insertion-type primary duct static pressure sensors. The accuracy and low signal-to-noise ratio of the output is made possible by the placement of multiple sensing ports along the length of the element and the averaging effect of the internal manifold. Their low installed costs and application specific sizes make them very economical for multiple branch variable air volume duct systems where indication and fan capacity control may be based on the lowest pressure of multiple static pressure points.

AccuracyWithin 1% of Actual Duct Static Pressure
6063-T5 Anodized Aluminum

Type 316L Stainless Steel
Type 1 PVC
Temperature LimitsAluminum
350°F Continuous
400°F Intermittent

Stainless Steel
1600°F Continuous/Intermittent

120°F Continuous
170°F Intermittent
Product Documents
Duct Static Pressure Sensing Pitot Tube

Duct Static Pressure Sensing Element


The PE-5000 is a duct static pressure sensor able to maintain an accuracy of 1% of actual duct static pressure utilizing averaging Fechheimer type pitot tube technology. Pressure Transducers are sold separately.