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FAATS-1000 Overview

The FAATS-1000 Fan Array Airflow Totalizing System has been specifically designed to provide a cost effective means for accurate (±0.25%F.S.) airflow measurement of up to forty individual fans within a single fan array or forty combined fans in an air handling unit with both supply and return fan arrays.  Each FAATS-1000 has the additional capability of integrating up to two outside airflow stations (Paragon Model OAFE-1550 or other) for complete flow monitoring of an air handling unit.  The individual airflow rate of each fan in an array is indicated on a seven inch, full color, Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) touch screen panel as well as the summed (total) airflow rate of each array and outside air. The total airflow rate of each array is also made available to the Building Management System (BMS) via dedicated field selectable 0 to 5 VDC, 0 to 10 VDC, or 4 to 20 mA analog outputs. Individual fan airflow rates, total airflow rates, individual fan caution alarm(s), and individual fan failure alarm(s) for each array are also available to the BMS via BACnet®-MS/TP Master or Modbus® RTU Slave network communications. Independent monitoring of each fan allows the FAATS-1000 to identify and alarm fan failures and airflow rate discrepancies between fans.

The FAATS-1000 is non-proprietary and can be installed on any air handling unit, connecting to manufacturer provided piezometer rings or Paragon provided fan inlet elements.  The system is fully factory configured; arriving plug-n-play for factory or field install. Installation is streamlined via the use of a single daisy-chained CAT5e cable for power and communication between components; removing the need for large penetrations through the air handling unit. Remote sensor modules located in the supply and return plenums greatly reduce pneumatic tubing runs preventing installation errors and reducing cost. With only one power and network connection for all the values on the display, the FAATS-1000 removes cost for programming and wiring typically associated with other solutions. The FAATS-1000 is ideal for totalization of larger air handling units with 4 fans or more and becomes more cost-effective with larger arrays.

Display7.0" Capacitive HMI Touchscreen
Flow/Pressure Sensing PointsUp to 40 Fans over 2 Arrays and 2 Outside Airflow Stations
AlarmsArray Fan Caution Alarm (Analog Relay)
Array Fan Failure Alarm (Analog Relay)
Individual Fan Caution and Failure Alarm(s) (BACnet or Modbus)
Enclosure RatingNEMA1 (Indoor) or NEMA4 (Outdoor) (13.5"L x 12.0"W x 6.0"H)
CommunicationAnalog: 0-10v or 4-20mA
Network: BACnet or Modbus
Power Supply20-28 VAC
ConfigurationModular (Remote Components for Mounting)
Consolidated (Components Mounted in Single Enclosure)
Product Documents
Fan Array Airflow Totalizing System with Sensor Module Options

Fan Array Airflow Totalizing System


Individually monitor up to 40 fans and up to 2 outdoor air intakes with the FAATS integrated network of modular components built specific to the application for plug and play installation; perfect for larger rooftop and air handling units.