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Fan arrays are quickly replacing traditional blowers in the HVAC industry and they require novel airflow monitoring solutions to match. Paragon accomplishes this through individual fan monitoring, summing, and alarming for multiple arrays all on one display, one power connection, and one network connection. Paragon Fan Array Airflow Monitoring Systems are easy to install, cost effective, and fully customizable.


Outside air ventilation rates are often low velocity and particulate heavy and HVAC fresh air intakes are rarely designed with air flow measurement in mind, making it the most difficult flow measurement type. Paragon meets these challenges by utilizing high accuracy air flow measurement devices with low-maintenance sensors and custom sheet metal to match any HVAC fresh air intake or plenum opening. We manufacture the highest accuracy 3rd party tested outside airflow measurement systems in the industry which are used to ensure that indoor air quality is maintained.


In today’s smart buildings, where space is precious and mechanical rooms are tightly packed, it’s difficult to find the right conditions for duct flow measurement. Thankfully, Paragon’s unique Airflow Measuring Station sensor design removes the need for airflow straightener and long straight duct lengths while also being easy to install with low maintenance requirements. Our state-of-the-art air flow transmitters and custom sheet metal shop allows us to provide application specific solutions that deliver accurate airflow measurement readings.


Fan inlets are an ideal air flow measurement point. The location is high velocity and the inlet cone provides a smooth transition for stable and reliable air flow readings. Whether you need fan inlet airflow measuring stations or high accuracy air flow transmitters to connect to the factory supplied fan piezometer rings/pressure taps, Paragon has you covered.


Room/Space pressure monitoring and control is essential when designing critical spaces like operating rooms, isolation rooms, or in life safety and manufacturing. Paragon’s room pressure monitoring systems will monitor, alarm, and control pressure as well as integrate temperature, humidity, or air changes per hour for up to (2) spaces with washdown complaint construction to keep doctors and their patients safe and healthy.

Industrial Plant


Process lines necessitate carefully tuned flow meters that take into account gas composition and operating temperature and pressure. Paragon’s Inline Pitot tube air and gas flow meter sensors are available in various materials such as stainless steel and PVC to meet the demands of the application. Our accomplished engineers will design and manufacture custom flow measurement systems and flow control panels for almost any application, which is why Paragon is a trusted name in Nuclear Power Generation, Munitions Disposal, and Military Manufacturing processes.


Featured Products
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Multi-Trans Smart Ecosystem

Fan Array Airflow Totalizing System With Sensor Module Configurations


Fan Array Airflow Totalizing System

Outdoor Airflow Measurement System


Outside Airflow Measuring System

6063-T5 Anodized Aluminum Duct Insertion Airflow Sensing Element

FE-1000 Series

Insertion Airflow Sensing Element

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