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San Francisco International Airport
San Francisco, California

San Francisco International Airport serves 57.8 million passengers per year and is one of the fastest growing airports in the United States. Being linked to one of the most environmentally progressive cities, SFO’s goal is to attain Net Zero status: zero carbon, zero waste, zero net energy. One of their main facility goals is to implement a healthy buildings strategy for new and existing infrastructure. They also take into account that the airport is located in a fire heavy area.

SFO has put together a strategic plan to regularly test the indoor air quality, and continue to analyze, track, manage and improve the indoor air quality. As they renovate new buildings, Paragon (also located in the SF Bay area) was given the chance to provide new equipment that improved the indoor environment quality at SFO’s Terminals 1 and 3, and cargo hold. Paragon supplied Outdoor Airflow Measurement Systems to fit into the installed Petra Outdoor Air Handling Units, as well as duct insertion Airflow Sensing Elements for the existing ductwork. SFO continues to educate it’s 43,000 employees on the importance of healthy indoor air quality and continues to make strides to protect the millions of passengers they transport on a yearly basis.

MicroTransEQ Airflow Signal Processor *Superseded by the MTSE
Duct Insertion Airflow Sensing Elements
Airflow Measurement Station
Outdoor Airflow Measurement Station

Project Type: Airport
Owner: City & County of San Francisco
Location: San Francisco, CA
Accreditation: LEED Gold
Sales Rep: Norman S. Wright
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