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Los Angeles International Airport
Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles International Airport is currently in the midst of an airport project with Delta Air Lines. The Delta ‘Sky Way’ project is a redevelopment of Terminals 2 and 3 at LAX. This project is estimated to cost $1.86 billion. Delta is making changes with all it’s partners in the U.S to provide a new premium experience to Delta travelers. Terminal 2 will be renovated; Terminal 3 will be rebuilt, and the new project will create the “largest Delta Sky Club found anywhere” which includes a year-round outdoor sky deck, with a retractable rain roof. There will also be new changes to the security check point and the check-in experience for Delta travelers.

When Delta moved out of Terminal 5 into Terminals 2 and 3, Terminal 3 was not very functional. They began to rebuild with the end goal to offer more of an experience to their travelers, and to open more gate space to entice travelers in the notoriously tight LAX. They are currently building a large headhouse, the area before security, which will have the Sky Club running the entire length of the headhouse on the upper level. Paragon was given the opportunity to provide equipment for Phases 1 & 2 as the renovation is underway. Paragon provided FAATS-1000 systems for the fan walls associated with the return and supply air handling units, as well as OAFE-1550 Outdoor Airflow Measurement systems. These terminals will see a higher influx of foot traffic once completed which will in turn increase the amount of fresh air coming in to safeguard travelers that are boarding and unloading from various flights. This project will give Delta 27 gates at LAX, which is quite the feat given the limited access to gates in the airport. The project is scheduled for completion by November 2022.

Fan Array Airflow Totalizing System
Flow Transducer
Duct Insertion Airflow Sensing Element
Outdoor Airflow Measurement Station

Project Type: Airport
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Sales Rep: Air Treatment Corp.
Aerial view of LAX signage at night with neon colored lights

Los Angeles International Airport
Los Angeles, California

Products Used
Fan Array Airflow Totalizing System with Sensor Module Options
Analog Two Wire Flow Transducer
6063-T5 Anodized Aluminum Duct Insertion Airflow Sensing Element
Outdoor Airflow Measuring System
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