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Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, North Campus
Frisco, Texas

Situated on on 40 acres in Frisco Texas, the 345,000-square-foot, five story Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children supports an Ambulatory Surgery Center for children with orthopedic issues. Texas Scottish Rite Hospitals for Children treat many of the world's most complex orthopedic cases, as well as certain related arthritic and neurological disorders. The north campus is the second pediatric hospital for the nonprofit Scottish Rite and will be the new home of the sports medicine practice and will also offer orthopedic care for conditions such as scoliosis; limb differences; hand, hip and foot disorders; and physical and occupational therapy services. 

In early 2016, Scottish Rite Hospital leadership created a multidisciplinary surgical site infections (SSI) committee in an effort to improve the quality and patient safety outcomes to better serve their patients. As a result, the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas TX received the 2017 Bill Aston Award for Quality from the Texas Hospital Association. As the only free-standing pediatric orthopedic hospital in the country, one of Scottish Rite Hospital’s primary areas of focus is the Center for Excellence in Spine. The SSI rate for spinal fusion patients was effectively reduced by 88 percent, despite a 13 percent increase in surgeries in 2016.

Surgical site infection following surgery leads to high morbidity and cost to patients. Maintaining a high quality of the air in operating theatres is essential to controlling the risk of surgical infections. A fundamental role is played by the HVAC system which provides ventilation that is able to keep the concentrations of gaseous pollutants, particulates and airborne microbes below predetermined levels. HVAC systems perform multiple functions simultaneously, including controlling three known central variables in the airborne transmission of infectious particles: temperature, relative humidity, and air currents. In the operating theatre, the specific features of the airflow system which enable SSIs to be contained are ventilation (dilution), air distribution, room pressurization (infiltration barrier) and filtration (contaminant removal) The air in operating theatres should be kept at a higher pressure than in corridors and adjacent areas. This positive pressure prevents the flow of air from less sterile areas into more sterile ones.

Paragon provided OAFE-1550 & FAATS-1000 with OA Integration for Temtrol AHU's 1-9 at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital’s North Campus. The customer was looking to monitor Outdoor Air and wanted the airflow stations to be duct mounted with the FAATS-1000 integrated with the Airflow Measuring Station.

Fan Array Airflow Totalizing System
Outdoor Airflow Monitoring Station

Project Type: Hospital
Owner: Texas Scottish Rite Hospital
Location: Frisco, TX
Sales Rep: Texas AirSystems
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