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Oviedo Medical Center
Oviedo, FL

Oviedo Medical Center is located in Oviedo, FL and is one of the 4 North Florida locations under the HCA Healthcare name. This 64-bed acute care hospital provides a variety of medical and surgical services, and partners with a free-standing 12 bed 24/7 emergency care center separate from its main campus.

Due to the various surgical services this hospital provides, there is more of an increase of surgical site infections. These can have a higher transmission rate in hospital buildings that are not properly pressurized. Any operating room contaminants can also potentially leak out into the ICU units or other rooms where patients are recovering from various illnesses or procedures. Now that Paragon products are installed and able to more accurately monitor and control the air flow and pressure levels within the building to avoid making anyone sick.

MicroTransEQ Airflow Signal Processor *Superseded by the MTSE
Differential Pressure Transducer

Project Type: Hospital
Owner: HCA Healthcare
Location: Oviedo, FL
Awards: Healthy People 2020 (HP2020) Maternal and Child Health Award
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