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NYU Langone Science Building
New York, New York

The NYU Langone Medical Center Science Building is a state-of-the-art research facility located in New York, New York. It is a 16-story building created to encourage interdisciplinary partnerships between researchers, postdoctoral and graduate students, as well as facility support staff. The building includes public meeting and dining spaces, a vivarium, communal research facilities, and various wet and dry laboratory spaces.

The Science building was constructed with fan arrays, which are easier to maintain, require less energy to operate, and help building owners meet the rising indoor air quality standards. Paragon's Fan Array Airflow Totalizing System (FAATS-1000) was the perfect solution to the unique building requirements for the medical science facility. The FAATS-1000 can measure each fan individually, which makes for an accurate total of the flow through each air handling unit. This ensures the AHUs are providing the correct flow range in these adaptive environments. The use of this highly accurate Airflow Measurement System also ensured that the building was not overly pressurized, which due to the critical nature of the various interior environments, could cause fatal health ramifications.

The NYU Langone Science Building is currently on track to receive LEED Platinum certification.

Fan Array Airflow Totalizing System

Project Type: University
Owner: NYU Langone Medical
Location: New York, NY
Sales Rep: Metro Air Products

Photo by Ajay Suresh / CC-BY-2.0


NYU Langone Science Building
New York, New York

Products Used
Fan Array Airflow Totalizing System With Sensor Module Configurations

Fan Array Airflow Totalizing System

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