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One World Trade Center

New York, NY

One World Trade Center (1 WTC) is 1,776 feet, which makes it among the world’s tallest buildings. It is the tallest of the WTC complex, standing at 104 stories tall, crowned with a 408-foot spire. The tower has a 20-story bomb resistant base, and each floor has nearly an acre worth of space.
This project was no small feat for the architects and the various tradespeople involved in the rebuild. The rebuilding at this site signaled a healing of the wound dealt to America on 9/11.

One of the main challenges with a building of this magnitude is addressing the “stack effect” that is caused by thermal differences in air movement. If the stack effect in a tall building is not taken into account it can put strain on HVAC equipment, causing inefficiency, it can allow air to pass through cracks, moisture to enter the building and overall can impact the safety of a building. Paragon was able to provide various Space Pressuring monitoring systems per floor to mitigate these risks and allow for the building to comfortably house premier tenants.

Room Pressure Monitor
Pressure Sensor
Pressure Sensor

Project Type: Commercial
Owner: Port Authority of New York
Location: New York, NY
Sales Rep: Metro Air Products
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