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Google – Spruce Goose

Playa Vista, California

Nestled within the vibrant Playa Vista tech neighborhood of Venice, California, the iconic Spruce Goose is a seven-story, 319,000 square foot airplane hangar originally constructed in 1943 to house the legendary Hughes H-4 Hercules. The sheer size and open spaces of the hangar posed significant HVAC challenges, such as difficulty of uniformly distributing air and maintaining consistent temperature and pressure levels throughout the facility. Maintaining optimal temperature and humidity levels is crucial for both the comfort of occupants and the preservation of the historical hanger.

To address these challenges, nineteen Nortek Air Solutions air handling units (AHU) were installed on the roof of the hanger to provide a staggering 640,000 CFM combined. Paragon’s Fan Array Airflow Totalizing Systems were installed in each of the AHUs to measure the supply and return fan array airflow rates and a volume offset was used to manage and maintain the desired pressure levels within the hangar preventing drafts, energy loss, and the infiltration of pollutants.  Paragon’s Outdoor Airflow Measurement Systems were also installed in the AHUs to measure and precisely control the volume of outdoor air to prevent under-ventilation which can lead to poor air quality and over-ventilation which can waste energy.

At the core of this transformation lies Paragon's dedication to streamlining airflow measurement system installation, offering AMCA rated, plug-and-play solutions that minimize costs and field calibrations. These application-specific innovations not only ensure optimal building functionality but also contribute to the wellbeing of its occupants, fostering a dynamic and creative work environment.

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Fan Array Airflow Totalizing System
Outdoor Airflow Measurement Station
Airflow Measurement Station

Project Type: Office Building
Owner: ASO Group
Location: Playa Vista, CA
Awards: LA Conservancy Preservation Award
Sales Rep: Air Treatment Corp.
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