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Cerner Trails, Innovation Campus
Kansas City, Missouri

The Cerner Trails Campus is a 16-tower development for Cerner, a Kansas City based health care information company. Cerner had seen a massive increase in business over the previous year, their business was rapidly continuing to grow, and they needed a new location to expand their operations and workforce.

These first two towers emphasize health and wellness for Cerner’s software engineers and their families. The towers include multiple floors of office space, gym area, a wellness center for basic care, maker spaces, libraries, dining halls and cafés. The buildings are centered around the software engineers needs and cater to providing a productive and innovative space, while promoting collaboration amongst employees.

In higher capacity spaces such as these two towers, it is important to maintain the proper ventilation for indoor air quality to keep occupants healthy and productive. Improper building ventilation can cause sick building syndrome and can in turn lead to lost revenues, absent employees, and potential lawsuits. Paragon provided Outdoor Airflow Measuring stations and MicroTransEQ Signal Processors to help bring in fresh air and be able to monitor that the various spaces were properly ventilated to safeguard the employees.

The South and North towers can now accommodate up to 3,500 employees. Upon its completion, the Cerner Trails Campus has been renamed the Innovation Campus. The remaining towers are estimated to be completed in 2025.

MicroTransEQ Airflow Signal Processor *Superseded by the MTSE
Outdoor Airflow Measurement Station
Airflow Measurement Station

Project Type: Office Building
Owner: Cerner Corporation
Location: Kansas City, MO
Sales Rep: Mechanical Sales Midwest, Inc


Cerner Trails Campus aerial view at dusk

Cerner Trails
Kansas City, Missouri

Products Used
Multi-Trans Smart Ecosystem

Multi-Trans Smart Ecosystem

Outdoor Airflow Measuring System

Outdoor Airflow Measurement System

G90 Galvanized Airflow Measurement Station With Aluminum Airflow Sensing Elements & Straightener

Airflow Monitoring Stations

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