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111 Pine Street
San Francisco, California

111 Pine Street is an 18‐story luxury Class A building, located in the heart of the Financial District in San Francisco, CA. Built in 1965, 111 Pine Street is currently home to many high‐profile tenants, most notably the corporate headquarters for First Republic Bank. In order to compete for premier tenants and generate revenue through higher rents, building owners need to be proactive by retrofitting aging buildings to meet new energy and indoor air quality standards.

One of the unique challenges of retrofit applications is that most buildings were never designed with outside airflow measurement in mind. This application now had three large separate OA intake louver sections that needed measurement. Paragon utilized its custom sheet metal capabilities to build OAFE-1550 outdoor airflow measurement systems for these outside air louvers and provided MicroTrans EQ Airflow Signal Processors factory calibrated specifically to measure the outside air for the two building air tunnels.

111 Pine is now retrofitted with a stable and repeatable outside airflow measurement system, which has enabled the owner to meet a Title 24 requirements with regard to OA measurement. The building occupants are now able to benefit from improved indoor air quality, comfort, and an overall improvement in productivity and satisfaction.

Outdoor Airflow Measurement Station

Project Type: Class A Office Building
Owner: Dunhill Partners West
Location: San Francisco, CA
Awards: Energy Star label (2011) for Operating Efficiency
Sales Rep: Norman S. Wright
Exterior view of ground floor of skyscraper showing First Republic Bank awnings

111 Pine Street
San Francisco, California

Products Used
Outdoor Airflow Measuring System
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