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Tennessee State Library & Archives

Nashville, Tennessee

Located in Nashville, TN the Tennessee State Library & Archives Building houses a collection of historical, documentary, and reference books and records. The building is made up of various reading rooms that are also accessible to the public. The library is entrusted to take care of the various historical materials that are housed within, and make them available to the residents of the county and state.

The historical materials that are kept in this building requires a particular climate to preserve it for generations to come. If the environments are not properly measured and controlled, it could lead to excessive humidity buildup which could potentially destroy years of historical books and records. Paragon Airflow Measurement Systems were installed in the HVAC system to control the pressure within building. The use of Paragon’s highly accurate Airflow Measurement Systems also ensures that the building does not become overly pressurized, which can waste energy if an excessive amount of conditioned air is exfiltrated and increase energy costs over time. These systems will monitor and alert the facilities staff if there any unwelcome fluctuations to the buildings atmosphere.

Fan Array Airflow Totalizing System
MicroTransEQ Airflow Signal Processor *Superseded by the MTSE

Project Type: Library
Owner: Tennessee State
Location: Nashville, TN
Sales Rep: Wimberly Sales Company

Photo by Andrew Jameson / CC-BY-SA-3.0

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