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Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego

San Diego, California

Located in San Diego, CA this unique museum is housed in the newly renovated Baggage Building of the Santa Fe Depot. Part of this project was a renovation, but also the addition of a new 3-story, 13,750 sq. ft building that was added to the Baggage building. These buildings are both located next to a railway and the surrounding area is still used as a train depot. The museum will at times hold media works dating back to 1950, but primarily functions as a Kunsthalle-type exhibition venue. The museum is also set up to hold events, art labs, meetings, and also programs for young students.

The museum has various unique ventilation requirements for the artwork and exhibits it displays. If the environments are not properly measured and controlled, it could lead to excessive humidity buildup which could ruin millions of dollars of art and historical exhibits. The guests that come and go during the various facility events also need to be safeguarded from possible contaminants in the air. Paragon Airflow Measurement Systems were installed in the HVAC system to control the pressure within the various buildings. The use of Paragon’s highly accurate Airflow Measurement Systems also ensured that the buildings were not over pressurized, which can waste a lot of energy if an excessive amount of conditioned air is exfiltrated and increase energy costs over time. These systems are also able to measure the air within the building to maintain the indoor air quality at safe and healthy levels for the occupants.

MicroTransEQ Airflow Signal Processor *Superseded by the MTSE
Fan Array Airflow Totalizing System
Airflow Monitoring Station

Project Type: Museum
Location: San Diego, CA
Sales Rep: Air Treatment Corp.
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