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Hotel Room With Luggage

Ensuring the comfort of guests is always top priority, down to the smallest details. Keeping facilities properly ventilated is something guests can always count on. Paragon Controls can provide the solutions to meet customer standards of service.

Industrial Plant

Paragon Controls provides quality products that reduce worker risk, equipment failures, and unplanned downtime. Paragon’s industrial specific solutions aid in the improvement of facility performance, which generates greater profits and creates safer working conditions.

Scale Balanced On Top Of Books

Safeguard the health of those who uphold the law at a local level through air pressure measurement and verification controls that ensure administrative facilities are properly ventilated, energy efficient, and occupants remain productive.

Gloved Hand Holding A Test Tube With A Dropper

Protecting those engaged in the implementation of controlled biology to advance the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Paragon Controls provides air pressure measurement and verification controls that aid in ensuring the integrity of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

San Francisco City Hall Building In Daylight

Keep indoor environments safe and healthy for those who work daily to maintain municipal facilities by providing airflow instrumentation and measurement solutions for local infrastructure systems.


Within nuclear power plants, oil refineries, and coal-fired power plants, Paragon Controls’ pressure measurement systems help ensure environmental compliance in America’s round-the-clock power generation systems.

Serious Boy Looking In Aquarium With Tropical Fish At Ocenarium

Safety, comfort, and performance all come into play at amusement parks, sports arenas, and other venues where people gather for good times. Paragon Controls offers solutions to create efficient and sustainable facilities.

Server Farm

Optimizing the efficiency in data center operations while keeping America’s digital infrastructure secure. Paragon Controls continues to support the future of the digital world by offering various innovative solutions for air pressure control, dilution, and ventilation.


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